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It seems like not a week goes by, without online news sources such as Yahoo! reporting on a teenager who committed suicide. The tragedy itself is cause for immense concern among parents. However, the primary reason for adolescent suicide can be prevented by swift and enduring legal action. Bullying has emerged as an epidemic inside […]

The term instills fear into parents that take education for granted. However, compulsory education is simply the legal term that requires parents to enroll their children in public, private, or parochial schools for a legally mandated period. Each state establishes the beginning and ending age for children required to attend school. Although the United States […]

If you want to ignite the conversation at the family dinner table, bring up the issue of school prayer. Perhaps no other legal issue inflames the passion of parents and students more than a simple 30-second moment of silence. The separation of church and state has deep roots within the United States Constitution. Although private […]

clovis education lawyer

Whenever a student breaks a law, law enforcement officials typically address the legal issues by pressing charges. However, most cases of student misbehavior require school administrators to enact disciplinary measures. Disciplinary measures range from keeping truant students after school to expelling students for committing acts of violence. The increase in gun violence on school grounds, […]

Words are not the only way students can express themselves. What students wear to school says as much, if not more than spoken words. Because of the importance of clothing in making political statements, the United States Supreme Court has played an integral role in determining the winner of the legal battle between student free […]