May 2017

After a few years struggling in the education system, your child displays several learning disabilities that require the implementation of special education services. You have requested to have your child placed in a special education program to enhance the learning environment and the school has approve the request. What comes next is the process called […]

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), about five percent of American school-age children have received an ADHD diagnosis. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts the percentage of ADHD school-age children at more than 11 percent. Regardless of the actual percentage, one question poses several issues for both parents and educators. Are […]

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When it comes to education issues, most Americans turn to the federal government to lead initiatives that enhance learning environments. Yet, most education laws and initiatives originate at the state level. The United States Constitution includes the 10th Amendment, which places the onus of developing education policies on state governments. Each public school district that […]

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The ability to speak one or more languages has proven beneficial for people who work in a wide variety of industries, from serving food at a national casual themed restaurant chain to directing a multi-nation marketing plan for the sales of consumer products. Because of the demand for bilingual professionals, the American education system has […]

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It seems like not a week goes by, without online news sources such as Yahoo! reporting on a teenager who committed suicide. The tragedy itself is cause for immense concern among parents. However, the primary reason for adolescent suicide can be prevented by swift and enduring legal action. Bullying has emerged as an epidemic inside […]

The term instills fear into parents that take education for granted. However, compulsory education is simply the legal term that requires parents to enroll their children in public, private, or parochial schools for a legally mandated period. Each state establishes the beginning and ending age for children required to attend school. Although the United States […]

If you want to ignite the conversation at the family dinner table, bring up the issue of school prayer. Perhaps no other legal issue inflames the passion of parents and students more than a simple 30-second moment of silence. The separation of church and state has deep roots within the United States Constitution. Although private […]

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Whenever a student breaks a law, law enforcement officials typically address the legal issues by pressing charges. However, most cases of student misbehavior require school administrators to enact disciplinary measures. Disciplinary measures range from keeping truant students after school to expelling students for committing acts of violence. The increase in gun violence on school grounds, […]

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Shortly after the passage of IDEA in 1975, many special education professional began to refer to the protections guaranteed under the landmark law as the “Special Education Bill of Rights.” The historically significant special education law contains many provisions that help parents and their special needs children. In honor of our Founding Fathers, let’s review […]

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With the passage of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the federal government clearly created legal guidelines that help children with special needs to achieve academic success. However, the landmark special education law leaves plenty of room for states to implement different and additional legal standards that bolster the learning environment for children with […]