Parents who raise a child who possesses one or more disabilities should try to seek accommodations to help the child learn by working with the educators and administrators employed by the school. However, some cases force parents to seek legal help by contacting a special education attorney. Hiring a special education attorney requires parents to […]

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When it comes to education issues, most Americans turn to the federal government to lead initiatives that enhance learning environments. Yet, most education laws and initiatives originate at the state level. The United States Constitution includes the 10th Amendment, which places the onus of developing education policies on state governments. Each public school district that […]

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Shortly after the passage of IDEA in 1975, many special education professional began to refer to the protections guaranteed under the landmark law as the “Special Education Bill of Rights.” The historically significant special education law contains many provisions that help parents and their special needs children. In honor of our Founding Fathers, let’s review […]